Aircraft Ownership Benefits

Jet ownership can and should be a satisfying experience. Apart from the freedom of flight, there are many additional benefits to owning outright your own jet or turboprop aircraft.

  • Flexibility in scheduling and destinations
  • Flying each trip with the same pilots
  • Complete control to customize the aircraft
  • Ability to leave personal items on the plane
  • Direct influence on operational safety and service standards
  • Good availability of tax deductions, including depreciation and interest
  • Taking advantage of bonus depreciation in cases of new aircraft purchases

Apart from providing Aircraft Management and Private Air Charter services, Jet Methods provides customers value driven and unique aircraft ownership solutions such as:

Jet Methods has managed my airplane for the last 2 years and they have always done a wonderful job.  They take excellent care of the aircraft and always inform me of any issues requiring my attention. Last year they began to charter my plane and I have enjoyed extra income because of that decision.  I would highly recommend Jet Methods.


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