Aircraft Co-Ownership Program

Realize the benefits of aircraft ownership with substantially less capital outlay and monthly expense.

Jet Methods Partner+ Co-Ownership program was created for those who are ready to own a jet or turboprop, but don’t have the anticipated usage to justify the full expense.

Our program brings together individuals or companies to partner on a specific aircraft to reduce ownership costs and risk without sacrificing the enjoyment and freedom of aircraft ownership.

Professionally Managed

Under the program the aircraft is professionally managed by Jet Methods, to include scheduling of partner trips and billing of trip expenses. Professional management ensures the aircraft is maintained and flown under the highest level of safety, and asset value is maximized.

  • Aircraft monthly fixed costs are shared among partners
  • Pay direct operating costs when in use by you
  • Earn a revenue stream by placing your aircraft under charter when not in use

Unique Benefits

The Partnership+ Co-Ownership program is unique and offers many benefits:

  • Ability to buy more plane for less money
  • Preserves partners’ capital
  • Provides for a low cost of ownership as expenses are shared
  • Better utilization of capital assets
  • Gain depreciation and tax benefits
  • Sharing of risk among partners
  • Professional aircraft management as opposed to self-management

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